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Building your legacy one change at a time.  

A maverick is someone who doesn't fit into a box; doesn't do things the way everyone else does; is creative in problem solving; is different.


In short, we are not content with the status quo that is our society and our businesses at large. We know there is more out there.


Maverick Solutions was born out of the passion we have for helping others and sharing our experience and knowledge with you to increase your effectiveness, profitability, and overall success. 


We take you to a new level to help you and your business level-up and build the legacy you have always dreamed of. 


Does this resonate?

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​~Amber and Mike

Reset the story behind your legacy.

Create a framework that works for the here and now.

Turn your vision into your legacy.

Create effective budgets that reflect your vision and mission.

Data-based Strategies to help you reach your goals.


It's time to take inspired action. 


Accept the invitation.