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30,000' view of business building

Mike and Amber are Colorado natives, parents, business owners, nonprofit gurus, corporate junkies, and professional learners. We weren't always all those things, though. What started as a way to make additional income as a teacher quickly became an exit strategy. Amber left her teaching career in 2017 in a full-faith effort, no business plan, no real prospects, just a lot of hope. Luckily, following her gut works because we are here (whew!). After a very long and twisting journey, Amber wound up planning conferences, running nonprofits, working for corporations, writing and managing projects and grants, working across multiple disciplines and business structures, and finally, opening Maverick Solutions with her husband.

Maverick Solutions is a passion project, born from two individuals who love helping people, happen to have a lot of business experience, and have begun to make a name for themselves as the go-to people to build better businesses. Some also lovingly refer to them as the "modern day Bonnie and Clyde" in the best of ways. Through their experience and knowledge of businesses and how people work, Mike and Amber work with people through 1:1 and group coaching, business management, business-wide strategic planning, retreats/intensives, community building, and deep diving into businesses to find the blindspots that are keeping them from prosperity and efficiency.

How Maverick Was Inspired:

Before Maverick began, Amber built a consulting company which began as a way to get out of the 9-5 workspace and help non-profits with writing and planning services. We built a soil health program for one organization, put on events for another, wrote grants for small communities, and created promotional ads. Amber held all of the early work on her shoulders spending hours trying to help everyone she came across. She didn't have boundaries and took on projects large and small just because she wanted to help. Mike was in the background if she needed it, but the badass she was, she was doing all of the heavy lifting and crushing it. Being a former English teacher she had a knack for writing and planning and could see how all the pieces fit together. She could pull a whole conference together in a matter of weeks, or turn around a grant application in a matter of days. All of this work in an area of traditionally-minded people where being successful meant you worked for a company for 30 years on a median household income. Fighting back to the norm, Amber said "it ends with me", a whole world more, and we began building this dream amidst a world crisis in 2020.


From the time spent building strategic plans, budget analysis, and a community for non-profits, Maverick Solutions was born. Amber and Mike sat down and said if we can build a profit, community, name, and legacy for a non-profit, why not for businesses, other non-profits, families, and entrepreneurs. We opened Maverick Solutions with that exact goal of building better businesses for their future success. Amber specializes in helping inspired people take action in business and life through her 1:1 coaching program, all the while planning retreats for people to connect. She is the extrovert that loves meeting like-minded people and helping them navigate life. She also uses her English background to make sure the end-user/consumer/customer/community know and understand your message and values. She helps you strategic plan and create a mission and vision for where you and your team are heading, making it clear for the customer, and tying it up in a bow while supporting the people along the way.


Mike specializes in helping businesses, non-profits, individuals, and entrepreneurs reach their dream through legacy building in financial freedom, personal health and wellness, strategic planning, and building tools and resources for future uses. Mike is the introvert that uses numbers to tell the story. He is the silent thinker that can diagnose a problem just by looking at a bank statement. Mike has saved $$$ for many companies- he finds the money leaks in a budget and bank statement and works alongside an organization to patch that leak to increase profitability. Mike is a natural efficiency creator. He can see where an business or team can be more efficient in their process and strategies to increase the bottom line and save you and your people money.


Together Mike and Amber take the world by storm, doing things like a Maverick, and pushing back on the norm of how things have to be. In 2022 they left their life in a small town and put their roots down in Northern Colorado where they continue to build communities of like-minded people and grow legacies they are proud to pass down to the their daughters. 

Today Mike and Amber run two non-profits, work with small communities building specialized projects to help with growth, 1-on-1 coaching, retreat planning, resource building and dreaming of how they can help. 

Are you ready to take inspired action?

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