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Meet Amber Weber

Communication, Efficiency, and Vision-Setting Expert

Amber has a passion for communication- it's sort of her thing. From a young age, she wanted to elevate how she communicated with others and it led her into the field of education. She taught students in grades 6-12 and post secondary and focused on English composition, audience, speech, rhetoric, etc. She was left unsatisfied by the structure of education and was disappointed in the lack of real-world, cross-curricular opportunities. She found herself opening a new business while finishing her masters degree, and learning a whole new world- natural resources. 

Since then, Amber has led programs, grants, projects, stakeholder meetings, as well as nonprofits. She has been in the public, private, and nonprofit worlds and recognizes that communication is the basis for all things- efficiencies in structures, systems, or budgets and each can lead an organization astray. She knows that clear communication, vision-setting and retreats have the potential to be the most powerful tool for a leader, team, and ultimately an audience. 


Amber has been teaching and coaching individuals and organizations for over 5 years, has a bachelor's degree in English Education and a masters degree in Educational Leadership. She runs two non-profits, is a project-based consultant, and has been a business owner for 4 years. 

Meet Mike Weber

Finance, Efficiency, and Health/Wellness Expert

Mike has a thing for numbers, efficiency, and health- it's what makes him an incredible engineer. He enjoyed water resources engineering where he ensured quality water was delivered to water users across a region. He worked with multiple stakeholders including the EPA, state Department of Heath and Environment, legislators, etc. while managing over 40 projects and millions of dollars- all to protect people, animals, and food with quality water.

He longed for something greater, something that would make a more tangible impact on people. After time in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, combined with his longing to help and lead others, he realized that he could use his skillset, training/knowledge, and passions to serve organizations and leaders on a greater level. 


Mike has an Engineering degree with a focus in Water Resources, has worked with agencies like the EPA, departments of health and environment, numerous state agencies, and other stakeholders. Mike is a sought-after speaker, volunteers his time managing budgets, and is expanding his knowledge with additional certifications.