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Mike Weber

Mike has been building his legacy and is there to help you do the same thing. He strives to look at legacy through a lens of leaving an impact on others for generations to come. 

In an effort to leave a lasting and positive impact, he used his vast skillset and accumulated experience to clean up water and soil for an entire region of Colorado; influenced environmental policy for the state of Colorado; and served non-profits for both Colorado and multi-state to ensure environmental advocacy, education, and awareness were instituted. While ensuring quality water was being delivered to farms/ranches, households, and was safe for animal consumption and habitat, he worked with multiple stakeholders including the EPA, state Department of Heath and Environment, legislators, etc. A piece of his legacy resides in this region of the state as he managed over 40 projects and millions of dollars- all to protect people, animals, and food with quality water and soil.

He still longed for something greater, something that would make a more tangible impact on his life and those around him. He longed for a legacy he could pass down to his kids and those after. After time in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, combined with his longing to help and lead others, he realized his dream of using his skillset, training/knowledge, and passions to serve organizations and leaders on a greater level. To encourage others to pursue their dreams and goals to create a lasting legacy.


Mike has an Engineering degree with a focus in Water Resources, is working on his CPT certification, has taken two non-profits from circling the drain to financially stable. He works in spreadsheets, models, and uses outside the box thinking to tackle any problem put in his path.

Amber Weber

Amber has been calling her shot in life and business for years. It wasn't always easy, but it has always been worth it. Now, Amber helps others who are inspired, take their next action.

Through her own journey of success and setbacks, across multiple industries including natural resources, agriculture, public health, and education, Amber helps her clients learn, grow, and take action on their dream/vision/goal. 

My greatest joy is seeing you, hearing you, and watching you blossom into the wonderful person you were meant to be. Fully you- bold, brave, and brilliant. 

Together we will explore the pathways to greater expansion, clarity, and transformation in your

  • Leadership

  • Mindset

  • Business/career

  • Energy/Focus

  • Communication

  • Mission/Vision

  • Strategic Plan

We'll acknowledge and name where you are, where you want to grow, and design a plan to help you get there in record time. 


It's time to explore, dream, change direction, and blossom. Are you ready? Let's journey together. 


Amber has been teaching and coaching individuals and organizations for over 5 years, has a bachelor's degree in English Education and a masters degree in Educational Leadership. She runs two non-profits, is a project-based consultant, and has been calling her shot as a business owner for more than 5 years. 

The Maverick Team

Helping inspired people take action.

We offer personalized coaching and consulting and offer both one-on-one and team support .

This opportunity comes with:

  • Regular meetings either virtual or in person

  • Personalized recommendations

  • Strategies tailored to you or your business

  • Interim support between calls

  • Retreats to dive deeper into the mission and vision

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