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Work With Us

Serving amazing leaders and teams is at the heart of what we do. If you think we'd make a great match, book a consultation and we will reach out!


We are committed to helping people - individuals, businesses, leaders, and executives build sustainable future.

Coaching and Consulting

We offer personalized consulting, diagnostics into your business for efficiency, and offer both one-on-one and team support and creative solutions.

Personalized consulting that increases production that can affect your relationship with your audience/buyer, bottom line, and effectiveness overall will be a game-changer.

This opportunity comes with:

  • Sustainability overview and internal business review

  • personalized reports

  • strategies tailored to your organization

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for advanced metrics

  •  Future forecasting and planning

  • Community building with connection to other clients and businesses


Offsites and Retreats

Amber has led a number of retreats and at the end of each one, we see firsthand the benefits and the newfound excitement to go back to reality with a new vision or new tools to use. Sometimes, an organization is running well, but intentional time together talking about important topics and spending time together can be the catalyst to change in your organization. It is where the magic happens

If you and your team could use intentional time together, let's plan a unique offsite retreat that will inspire you to continue greatness.

All In Package

If both of the above sound beneficial, let's go all in. Let's do both! This option gives you all of the above and allows you the greatest opportunity for growth as you dive into intentional time with coaching and a retreat. If you are curious or ready to go all in, schedule a time to chat with us!

This offer comes with:

  • All of the support of consulting

  • one retreat every 6 months

  • Additional team support

  • A deep dive into what is holding you back from building your  business


Special Projects

Do you have a new idea for a project like building a swinging walking bridge across a river, building a new jail, remodeling your current work space, or opening a product line. We always like a challenge and strategic planning is what we specialize in. There is no way you will get your big idea from dream to fruition without a strategic plan. Let us come in and help you run that project from beginning to end, looking at funding, contractors, timeline tracking, and report writing. We are there as a backbone to make sure the project is developed in a way to make your dreams come true. 

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